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We are here to Dental Solution with more than 5 years of experience

Dental HOUSE Dental Lights manufactured by Calibrate India is established over two decades

Calibrate India engaged in manufacturing of industrial electronic products such as electronic precision products such as Electronic Weighing Machine, Tensile Testing Machines and Dental Lights.

We are committed to provide our customers, a wide range of products that not only meet our client’s budget but also their design specifications that will work best not only in India but globally.


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Light Quality

Eco-friendly bulbs are known to give harsh and unflattering light.

Dental Lights for Smart Living

It fits into all your existing sockets and can be used most anywhere.


They were made to replace the regular incandescent lamps effectively.


Dental Lights are highly functional. LEDs never get too hot – allowing them to last for thousands of hours.

Super Power Bulb

Dental bulbs are a very different from other energy-efficient bulbs. They are not designed with Mercury.


Dental Lamp is quite a lifesaver. Its average working capacity is 25,000 hours!